PACOVOLUME – Olaf & Paul

Years ago, over a pint, my good friend Pacovolume mentioned to me that people sometimes pointed out to him the resemblance he had with Adrien Brody.
Then we sent a letter to Adrien Brody to ask him if he will be okay to perform in a short film with his unknown french sibling.
We had no answer, maybe because of a wrong email address.

Still, we felt like PacoVolume could re-enact scenes from Brody’s films and that we could re-edit them together to tell a new story, king of a love tribute to Mr Adrien.
We had fun thinking about a social timeless drama taking place during social upheaval, with complex relationships between teachers and pupils, a gay marriage and a tragic accident.
So we came up with that story about a schoolboy how fells in love with his french philosophy teacher how also looks like they could be brothers…
We wanted to create a experimental short film which used the music of Pacovolume as a soundtrack.
We were seeing our film as an exercise in style and a brand new creation,
a bit like musician often sample other pieces than their own to created a original piece.

We did this like a spontaneous short film.
Our example was le film “La Classe Amèricaine” and “Le Grand Detournement” a French film written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) and Dominique Mézerette, which was broadcasted in 1993 on the French channel Canal +.
It is made out of different film extracts from Warner Bros movies, produced between 1952 and 1980, edited together to create a completely new film.
They never were sued for this, as no one profited from this (apart for the respect gained from a whole generation of French cinephiles).

At no point we were trying to exploit this for commercial gain.
The video Olaf and Paul is a funny story set to teenage rock.
We mean no disrespect.
We’re possibly Adrien Brody’s biggest fans.

Written and Directed by Jack Antoine Charlot
Art Direction : Camille Beauplan
DOP : Rousslan Dion
Assistant Camera : Klein Shark
Makeup : Pascalyne Lopez
Post-production by : Jack Antoine Charlot
Post-Production Assistant : Emile Chaillou

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