S+C+A+R+R – I Had To Leave (Official Music Video)

Directed by : Jack Antoine Charlot
Choreographer : Nicolas Huchard
Music and Lyrics by S+C+A+R+R
Recorded produced and Mixed by : Dan Levy
@ The WatchTower Studio – Madville

Assistant Choreographer : Yorina Bosco

Post-Production : Kombbo

Production : Julie Bellemare
Mehdi Alavi
Lou Beauchard

Team Manager : Hugo Garnier

Set Decorator : Nicolas Martin
Props Departement : Alexis Dumortier
Elisa Curaau
Osteopath : Hadrien Farre
Costume Departement : Hadrien Farre
Maxime Granger

Camera Departement : Jan Schmicker
Diego Christafano
Erice Brault
Ines Pagniez
Jil Poullin

VFX : Fabian Nowack

Hairstylist : Alan Gac
Mechanician : Pauline Dageville
Business Affairs : Ludivine Rome

Produced by Passion Paris
Producer : Marc Bodin-Joyeux & Marion Vermogen
Post-Producer : Emile Chaillou & Rita Oliveira
Special thanks to Remi Brun for his generosity
Camille Beauplan for artistic advices

Mastered by : Chab’ Translab.
Sound Design by Remi Durel
Studio Obsidienne Paris

Passion Paris
Wagram Music

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