STUCK IN THE SOUND – Miracle (Official Music Video)

Directed with Arnaud Delord
Produced by Passion Paris
Director of photography : Pierre Edelmann 
First assistant director : Hugo Nathan
Producer : Marion Vermogen
Line producer : Eunice Orsucci
Production coordinator : Meline Samson
Production coordinator : Charlene Richardeau
Location manager : Malik Brikat

Set designer : Esther Pottier
Assistant set designer : Camille beauplan
Wardrobe supervisor : Maud Dupuy
Make up artist : Albane Cousinard
Hair stylist : Maya Benamer
Matte painter : Arnaud Tribout – Sebastien Guichard
Animators : Valentin Stoll – Martin Touze
Sound editor : David Fontao
Digital compositor : Mickael Forrett
He : Rémy Laquittant
She : Anne Ribiere
Cara Dangle : Manon Girardi
Tracy Jam : Camille Richardeau
Nikky Pickle : Murielle Huet
Major Cobra : Corto Peninou
Sergeant Burke : Meriadec Mallat
Private Ramirez : Antoine Simonet
Private Simpson : Stephane Rouek
The weather man : Thierry Lamy
Denver Football Team : Corto Penimou – Meriadec Mallat
Pittsburgh Football Team: Antoine Simonet – Stephane Rouek
The Phone girl : Orsa Cousin

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